Introducing our Hypernet blog

Hypernet blog

The big opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors are created by new technology cycles. Examples from the past are the PC Revolution, Client/Server, the Internet, and Social Networking.

Roger and I believe that social networking has moved from an early stage investment opportunity to a feature – it’s time to find the next gathering wave. We think it will come from a new infrastructure that combines the web plus cellular plus WiFi (which we call the Hypernet), combined with new user experiences enabled by billions of nodes and millions of clouds (which we call the Hyperweb.)

So far, Roger has done most of the work and most of the postings on this topic, but we will both be contributing our ideas on the Hypernet/Hyperweb in this blog. We may not always agree with each other on everything (and may even change our minds about some things), but we broadly agree on the important thing – that we are in a new technology cycle that will be extremely exciting. We want to engage in a conversation with the early pioneers who wish to build the next trillion dollars of value in the technology business.

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